MATH + FUN = Smart Kids
Is it too difficult for your kids to do sums
or to find answers in problem-solving?
Do you want to increase their engagement level and enhance their fluency in the mathematical concepts?
Our mathematical contest "MathElephant" will help you and your kids.
It aims make math seem COOL for children. Our goal is to stimulate enthusiasm amongst young kids for problem solving.
Are you interested in math contests full of fun and games?

These kids have already played "MathElephant"
It was very funny and not so difficult. We liked it to compete and solve math problems. Math is interesting if you know how to make friends with it.

Viktor Zheleznov, Kaliningrad

I couldn't find two answers, but in some days I tried again and overcome it. I feel now like a real winner and king of math!

Alex Borisov, Kaluga

My daughter is not a mathematitian at all. But this game showed her that math is all around us and it can be funny and interesting. I believe now she will understand problem-solving better.

Helen Reisson, Tver

"Snail", educational center