Is it too difficult for your kids to find answers in problem-solving? Do you want to increase their engagement level and enhance their fluency in the mathematical concepts?
With Logicman, math is about gaming, technology, and fun. It makes math seem COOL for children.
Logicman develops mathematical comprehension with real opportunities to solve problems, not just rote memorization.
The Logicman game offers tasks that teach how to use logic and reason to problem solve.
The game has its Superhero — Logicman, who`s fun to play with. The Superhero has a mission in which the participant will help him as a sidekick.
Each task in the game makes kids reason things out and draw a conclusion. Here is an example of such a task:
The boy broke a secret code. Is it true, that the key word in code was LOGICMAN?
See the sample of the diploma every participant will get immediately after accomplishing the tasks. That`s the proof of success!
You pay the enrolment fee (5$) and fill in your email address
You will receive an email with access to the game
The participant completes the tasks by giving "yes" or "no" answers
The participant then receives the DIPLOMA.
We know your kids will love Logicman, if don't - money back garanteed.
In the end, the participant can see the final results and whether he gave the right or wrong answer to each question
Kim, dad, Chicago, IL
Alice, mom, New York, NY
Josh, 12 y.o, Los Angeles, CA
Sandra, 10 y.o, Dallas, TX
I enjoyed the game. I helped out the superhero and finished 11 tasks. It was the most exciting to learn about the animals. I like them a lot.
My fifth-grade daughter was always scared of logical problems. It seemed too complicated for her to figure it out. But then when she was playing the game, it was much easier for her. Now she can process much more logically and is so proud of herself that she placed her diploma on the wall. Thank you, Logicman!

Now I know that I can use logic everywhere. You have to practice in order to get better in all classes. It was very convenient to play online. I was able to help Logicman and got 7 magic stones.
I think learning through the game is the right way to do it. My first-grader didn`t consider this as homework, but rather a fun game. He got involved and wanted to help Logicman. Now he is showing off his diploma and is very proud of it. I can see the progress he has made. Thank you, guys!
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